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EICConnect Login Procedures


Logging In

  1. Enter http://eicc.edu/eicconnect into the address bar of your internet browser and press enter. If you already know your username and password skip to step 4. If this is your first time logging in, or if you do not know your username or password, follow the steps below to retrieve your username and/or establish a password. Your default password for EICConnect should be PassXXXXXXX with a capital “P” and the Xs being your college ID seven digit number. (If you had a Campus Cruiser account your username will be the same for EICConnect but the password will not be the same.)
  2. If you do not know your username click on the “What is my username” link. You will be asked for your last name and SSN or college ID. Enter that information and click the “Retrieve Username” button.

Your username will be displayed on the next page. Then select the “Click here to Reset or Change Password” link.

  1. If it is your first time logging in and you know your username select the “Reset Password” link and enter your username, SSN, and what you would like to use for your password, twice. (If you do not have a SSN on file with the colleges please call the EICC Help Desk at the number listed below.) Then click the “Reset Password” button. Once you have successfully reset your password click the link to return to the login page.

  1. Log into the EICConnect site using eiccd\ before your username. While the eiccd is not case sensitive, both the username and passwords are and the slash between the eiccd and Username is a backslash (\) which is above the Enter key on a computer keyboard. A forward slash (/) will not allow you to login.

Changing Your Password

Click on the “Change Password” link on the login page. Complete all fields and click the “Change Password” button and then the link to return to the login page.

Logging Out

Click on the “Log Out” button next to your name in the upper right corner. For improved security it is recommended that you close all internet browser windows at the end of your session.

@live.eicc.edu E-mail Accounts

The first time you log into your @live.eicc.edu e-mail account you will need make sure the language is English (United States) and set the time zone to (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

EICConnect Tips and Helpful Hints:

  1. For security purposes EICConnect has a timeout feature that begins after 10 minutes of inactivity on the site. After 20 minutes of inactivity you will be logged out and will be required to log in again. If you see an error message at any time that what you are trying to access is unavailable or receive a 101 error message when trying to access My Classes or the Online Classroom please try refreshing the page in the internet browser or log out, close all internet browser sessions, and log back in.
  2. Your password to EICConnect will expire every 120 days. Please keep in mind that you cannot re-use a password, though you can use the same password with progressive numbers, characters, or letters. For example you could start with Abcdefg1 and then use Abcdcefg2, or Abcdefg!, or Bbcdefg1.
  1. Supported browsers for this application are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.