Community Involvement

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences has deep roots within our community’s health care system, and we challenge our students to continually give back outside of the classroom. Throughout the metropolitan Quad Cities and surrounding area, our College of Nursing & Health Sciences students are engaged in their communities!

Service Learning

Several of our classroom experiences include service learning opportunities, where experiences are incorporated into academic learning as a point of reflection and curriculum integration.


In a less formal way than service learning, College of Nursing & Health Sciences students assist in health care programs, such as helping at blood drives or working at flu and vaccination clinics.

Here are some of the recent ways Trinity College has been out helping in the community:
  • Respiratory Care students served as spotters at the Quad City Marathon.
  • SGA provided financial assistance to many groups including the military, a rehabilitation center, and a women’s shelter.
  • Faculty, staff, and students collected donations for a local women’s shelter.
  • Students participated in the NAMI walk for mental health.
  • Faculty, staff, and students hosted a Girl Scout training for young Girls Scouts who wanted to earn their first aid badge.